Social Media Management (Marketing.Advertising.Campaigns)

We help use the power of Social Media to generate more leads for your business.

This is a Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) Management service, where we help to promote your business (products/services) with various social media updates, advertising and marketing tools, marketing strategies; helping to reach your target audience out of millions of social media users.

With an affordable monthly budget, we will take care of the day-to-day operations of your social media page(s), communicating and promoting your business as often as possible and also advertising your business on ‘paid advert sections’ which would focus on your targeted market. It can also help generate more publicity for your special events, special offers, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc…saving you a lot of money when compared to print (newspapers, magazines, fliers, etc), radio & television media.

You can always access the admin section of the Social Media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ to monitor the activity, progress and reach.

It is a great way of making your business borderless. …absolutely affordable, cost-effective!

Advantages include;

  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Budget flexibility.
  • Adverts are focused to reach desired target market.
  • It’s easy to monitor social media page activities, audience, reach, etc.
  • Analysis of your audience by age, sex, location, etc.
  • Direct communication with current and prospective customers.
  • It saves you a lot of money when compared to print (newspapers, magazines, fliers, etc), radio & television media advertisements.
  • Sytematic activities between online followers will help to promote your business more.
  • The more the ‘Page Followers’ you have, the more people you can reach consistently, time and again.
  • Gives your business a better online presence and corporate image.
  • Creates a reliable online presence and communication medium for your business.
  • Can help reach-out to people in certain states or countries.
  • Can help reach-out to millions of people nationwide and worldwide.


  • Subscription for up to 3 months upfront, gets 2.5% discount.
  • Subscription for up to 6 months upfront, gets 5% discount.
  • Subscription for up to 9 months upfront, gets 7.5% discount.
  • Subscription for up to 12 months upfront, gets 10% discount plus 1 month extra (free management).

You can contact us for more information.