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Trinity Digitals…

We are a visual communications firm that specialises in providing cutting-edge digital media solutions that work.

Our services are catergorised into: Animation/Motion-graphicsSocial Media Management(Marketing/Advertising); Online Advertising/Campaigns; Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting; Web Design & Management; Multimedia Design; all of which are designed to aid the operations of corporate businesses and organisations.


To be the no. 1 provider of cutting-edge digital media solutions for SMEs & NGOs.

Core Values:

  1. Faith: We are alive to glorify God.
  2. Integrity: We do what we say we’ll do.
  3. Simplicity: Our lifestyle and design philosophy.
  4. Diligence: We keep getting better.
  5. Respect: We never look down on people.

Our Business Objectives:

  • To provide affordable solutions that will aid the operations of SMEs & NGOs.
  • To provide cutting-edge internet and mobile communication solutions.
  • To provide visual communication solutions that will affect the society and lives of people positively.
  • To raise the standard of TV commercials, animation and visual effects for TV/Film in Nigeria.
  • To help add value to the Nigerian economy via internet & digital media solutions.